If You're Interested in our Peacock Bass Trip...

If you are interested in joining us on one of our weekly peacock bass expeditions, please complete the form below and indicate the trip dates you'd like to travel with us by checking our tour calendar. Please indicate how many anglers are in your party. If you have a friend, or friends, who might be interested in this trip, please have them contact us. We're able to offer you not only fantastic fishing but also very comfortable lodging, delectables meals and personalized service. Individual anglers are always welcome to join one of our groups. These trips are open to men and women and children over 12 when accompanied by a guardian.

If You're Ready to Book Your Expedition...

If we've come to a mutual agreement regarding your preferred travel dates and you're ready to book your peacock bass trip, please complete the trip reservation form (one per each member of your fishing group) by clicking on the PDF icon below. Print the form or save it as a file. If printing it, scan it to your computer and save it. Send this form, via standard mail or e-mail, to us. Please be sure to download and read the terms and conditions.

Trip Reservation Form
Complete the Form Online - Per Person
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Terms & Conditions Form
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Paying For Your Peacock Bass Expedition:

Please make checks payable to: Peacock Bass Expedition and mail the trip reservation form along with your deposit of $2,000 or a full payment of $4.000 (if less than 60 days prior to departure) per passenger to:

Peacock Bass Expedition, 10400 NW 33rd Street, Suite 250, Doral, FL 33172.

Thank You. Message sent.