Do you have the proper licensing to fish in the protected watersheds?

You bet we do! We are licensed by the Brazilian Minister of Tourism. It is imperative (and the law) that an operation maintains the proper permits and licensing. Some of the areas we fish are protected reserves, requiring special licenses and anglers can be subjected to legal issues if the operator doesn't have these permits. That is the first question you need to ask when booking a peacock bass trip with any Operator/Tour agency.

Is it really safe for me to travel to and fish deep in the Amazon jungle?

While the Amazon might conjure up visions of 40-foot long anacondas, swarms of biting mosquitos and men eating piranhas, the truth is that, if you pay attention and be aware of what surrounds you, it's quite a safe place. It is unlikely you will see an anaconda (consider yourself very lucky if you do tho). The rivers we fish are blackwater rivers of high tannin content, this prevents the growth and breeding of mosquitos. Piranhas are only dangerous if you're foolish enough to put your finger near its mouth! We will help you about the medical precautions you should consider when traveling to the Amazon.

What will the accommodations be like when I go fishing with Peacock Bass Expedition? 

You will be staying at one of our two mobile floating camps. All of the interior spaces (staterooms, dining room, etc.) are air conditioned. Two anglers will share a room in standard separate beds (no bunkbeds). Each room has a private bathroom and shower. Despite the fact that you will be in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, the accommodations aboard our camps are quite comfortable. Do not drink the water from the sink. Instead, use the bottled water provided.

What kind of food will we eat onboard?

It seems like our guests, many foreigners anglers, enjoy our food, as they compliment us and mention that their clothes are fitting a bit tight after their expedition with us. We will offer a variety of traditional Brazilian dishes and American style meals. We usually serve breakfast and dinner, buffet-style, while lunch is on the land camps. You may elect to return to the floating camps for lunch and a siesta. It is completely up to you. Breakfast includes eggs, meats, pancakes, fruits, cereal and coffee. Dinner will be a bit more elaborated with a variety of meats, fish, chicken, pork, pasta, vegetables and dessert. Wine is served with dinner.

Who are our guides?

Be sure You'll be well guided! These are some of the most dedicated fishing guides you will ever find. How many others fishing guides will climb up a tree 30 feet high to retrieve a miscasted lure? Or dive into the water to unsnag a fish that you're fighting because rooted itself into a submerged tree? All of our guides were born and raised in the Amazon region and have been fishing their entire lives. They have a minimum of six years of experience. While their English is limited, they can communicate in "fishing language" very well. Although, we recommend you to learn some Portuguese phrases. (It can be fun!)

And what about the bass boats?

Since we access many remote, backwaters lagoons, some that often require dragging the boats through shallow creeks and over snags, we don't use fiberglass bass boats. We use 17-foot "Tracker-style" aluminum bass boats with 40 HP outboards and trolling motors. The boats are quite comfortable and awesome for fishing in the Amazon. We have a cooler in every boat with water, beer and soft drinks.

How's the weather gonna be like during my fishing trip?

Mid-day temperatures in the Amazon range from 85º - 95ºF. The sun is intense during a typical fishing day, as you will be near to the equator. Take precautions in terms of the clothes you wear (we will brief you on that) and don't forget your sunscreen. During the evening, the temperature is more comfortable ranging between 70º - 80 ºF. Although, You'll be fishing during the "dry season," rain showers can and actually occur (that's why they call it the rainforest). Don’t forget to drink plenty of liquids, even if you do not feel thirsty. Water is the best drink to keep yourself hydrated. Beer can dehydrate you (alcohol and caffeine are diuretics), then we recomend you to drink these drinks in moderation.

What do I need to bring to this fishing trip?

You'll be provided with a complete packing, clothing, gear and other essential items (medications, etc.) list fo your Peacock Bass Expedition with us. As stated in other sections of this website, we'll provide literally everyting you'll need to catch peacock bass (unless any exceptions). We'll help you to get ready for your trip, so you'll be comfortable and have the best opportunities to catch your trophy peacock bass. We'll send you some tips about everything you'll need to know about fishing with us for a sucessful expedition! And of course, we're always available to any questions you might have prior to your expedition with us.



We offer satellite phone service for you.




Not many cruise ships or hotels allow you to have a breathtaking view of the Amazon jungle right outside your window. Enjoy the landscapes & sounds of the Amazon.




Our special details let you know we care, like conducting a beach BBQ at night during your trip, You can relax on the beach, enjoy a meal and Your favorite beverage.