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While many peacock bass operations have come and gone, for the past 16 years Peacock Bass Expedition has been hosting anglers from all over the globe in our operations in the northern Brazilian Amazon Watershed. We've aquired the experience to know when and where to schedule your peacock bass adventure for optimal results. We realize that you will be spending your hard earned money on this kind of trip and we don’t want you to travel all the way to Brazil to be faced with unfavorable conditions and limited fishing success. That's why we've studied each path and created a great trip plan. Our employees are a team that was born and raised in the heart of the finest peacock bass waters in the Amazon. Thus, they have an intimate knowledge of the watershed and the techniques needed to put you on the best path to catch the famous peacock bass.

Marlon Otero, the president and founder of Peacock Bass Expedition, didn't acquire his knowledge of the Amazon Watershed and the many species of fish that habitate its waters from reading publications or watching television fishing shows. It took many years of experience fishing in almost every river, tributary and backwater lagoon since he was just a boy. He has designed and built his fishing operations (most with his own hands) based on years of experience observing what works and, mostly, what doesn't. This is not a simple hobby, for Marlon, but rather a passion and a way of life. He considers his clients like family members and you will be delighted with his customized service and attention to the details.

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Marlon Otero

A Message from Marlon...

"We assure you a unique and customized service, detailed preparation regarding tackle and gear required for your adventure, updated medical precautions and help if any unforeseen problem arises. When it comes to peacock bass fishing, few companies share our know-how."

Experience the Fishing Trip of a Lifetime with Us!

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