We'll Help Prepare You Like Few Outfitters Will Do

Preparing your trip

You've booked your peacock bass expedition and now it's time to prepare yourself. We'll handle all the details from our end, but you'll need to do some preparation so that you can legally travel to Brazil and have all the necessary gear for your trip.

Preparing your trip passport

If you don't have a passport yet, you'll need to get one. If you already have one, you must look at the date of expiration and make sure that there will be a minimum of six months remaining timed to the last day in Brazil. Don't wait until the last minute to order a new passport or renew an expiring one.

Once you have your passport in hand, you'll now need to obtain your Brazilian tourist visa. Brazil  doesn't require a visa of U.S. citizens anymore. The visa is not a separate booklet like a passport, but rather a stamp that is affixed inside your passport (see image at right). When you book your trip with us, we'll provide you with complete instructions on how to apply for this. Until that process occurs, perform a Google search for Brazilian Consulate Offices and determine which office handles the particular state you reside in.

Preparing your trip tourist visa
Preparing your trip medical precautions

We've consulted with a good friend, who happens to be a physician and a serious peacock bass angler, with many years of experience fishing in the Brazilian Amazon watershed. We will be sending you our recommendations for what medical precautions you'll need to take prior to your trip, which includes innoculations and medication to prevent malaria. While the recorded cases of visiting anglers coming down with a disease are very rare, the possibility does exist and we want you to protet yourself. Certainly feel free to consult with your personal physician, but it's best advised to seek the advice of a travel medicine clinic, who understands what you might require.

While we do provide all the tackle You'll need, there are a few other necessary items to make your trip more comfortable. We will provide a complete detailed packing list, as well as a list of some of the more "perishable" fishing lures (ones frequently lost to fish, underwater snags and errant casts into trees). These items are not provided.

Preparing your trip bag
Preparing your trip airline tickets

We'll be advising you on what airline and airline schedule that coincides with our trip schedules. We want to make sure you arrive in time to have a nice night at the hotel in Manaus and that You'll be ready to depart Manaus to our operations with the rest of the group. 

Although your trip date will seem like it will never arrives, the day will finally come. How thrilled you'll be when the pilot of the amhibous plane is ready to touch down in the waters of the Amazon watershed. Soon, you will be casting for the peacock bass of a lifetime, making future memories with your friends and building lifelong friendships with others you'll meet on your trip. We hope you enjoy your visit with us.

Preparing your trip air plane